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bulletTrns.port™ PES (Proposal and Estimates System) bulletTrns.port™ LAS (Letting and Award System) bulletTrns.port™ CAS (Construction Administration System) bulletTrns.port™ CES  (Cost Estimation System) bulletTrns.port™ BAMS/DSS (BAMS/DSS Decision Support System) bulletTrns.port™ SiteManager (A Construction Management System) bulletTrns.port™ FieldManager (PC Based Construction Management System) bulletEstimator™ (Standalone Cost Estimation Application) bulletCivil Rights and Labor Management (Module under development)


Trns•port LAS provides bid-letting personnel with automated tools to manage the planholders and proposal holders list, bid data entry, bid tabulation and low-bid analysis, and contract award processing. Besides processing the letting activity, one of the key functions performed by the LAS module is vendor file management, including vendor qualification, affiliation, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Women's Business Enterprise (DBE/WBE) information.

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Trns•port CAS supports construction management staff in the areas of contract status reporting, progress payments, DBE/WBE reporting, subcontractor authorization, funding participation allocation, and project management. The partial payment voucher, construction report, and contract status report are several of the key outputs produced by the CAS module.

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Trns•port CES is a job and program cost estimating and planning tool that provides a highly productive environment to prepare parametric, cost-based and bid-based job cost estimates. CES, which runs on personal computers, provides a full range of cost estimating and scheduling support capabilities from preliminary estimatesneeded  for program planning to the final engineer's estimate required for award approval. When you define a job and produce an estimate, CES supports combining jobs into a work program, setting priorities and considering alternate programs for construction planning over a multi-year period. In addition, CES manages job and program scheduling with funding analysis and budget projection, including inflation adjustments and alternate inflation scenarios.

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 Trns•port FieldManager is a fast, easy-to-use, PC-based construction management system for managing and tracking construction projects, documenting construction progress, initiating contractor payments and communicating with your agency's central office contract administration system.  Designed for use by state departments of transportation, local government agencies, engineering consultants, large contractors, or any organization that manages construction, it provides the functionality and communication capabilities needed to manage any size project.

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